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Healthcare Receivables

A Healthy Approach to Healthcare Receivables

Changing healthcare legislation has created reimbursement obstacles for healthcare providers. MARS has developed structured programs that have evolved with the industry to meet these challenges head on. Get results within the first 30 to 45 days of placement. Our approach to healthcare collections make reimbursement predictable on almost every account. We help you achieve your operational goals easily and economically.

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Healthcare Receivables

Our Healthcare Receivables Programs allow organizations like yours to place unpaid or underpaid patient accounts with minimum balance of $1000.00. Accounts are typically placed within 180 days of the discharge date. Our ongoing program allows for earlier placement with MARS experienced staff. This allows us to easily and quickly identify and resolve issues.

Assertive Approach

Our team approach ensures that a dedicated team of Account Specialist is assigned to your engagement. This ensures that there is always someone knowledgeable and proficient with the laws and statute that is specific to your state and organizational requirements.

  • Immediate notice of representation and demand for payment sent to the health insurance
  • Verbal contact with patient’s insurance within 2-5 days of placement
  • Follow up 14 days or less with an Accounts Specialist proficient in health law
  • Quickly identify and resolve the main issue delaying reimbursement 
  • Articulate and resolve accounts in a single encounter with the insurance company

Comprehensive Approach

We’re sure that you will be satisfied with the thoroughness and detail exhibited in our documentation. Our efforts are clearly documented in each account. We make every effort to recover payment by:

  • Cite applicable state and federal statutes
  • Cite Contractual analysis, policy guidelines, provider manuals
  • Cite supporting documentation that may include the hospital system notes, payer contracts, and patient's policy language
  • Provide utilization review with clinical rationale to support the medical necessity of care in favor of coverage
  • Submit a substantial appeal with all supporting document

Our proven practices will expedite reimbursement on your aging A/R dollars. You will see results within the first 30 – 45 days. We accept single account placements on a discretionary basis. All accounts are managed on a contingency basis. If we do not recover payment there is no fee. Start recovering today!

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